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American Power Supply, LLC was created to offer competitive energy services to commercial customers in competitive electricity and gas markets in the United States.


The company provides individualized energy supply options, structured products, and strategies that allow customers to manage their energy needs while capitalizing on opportunities resulting from deregulation.


Our team works for you to identify your energy requirements and match your business with the provider that best suits your energy consumption profile. We base selection decisions on market expertise, commitment to service, and of course PRICE. Our programs are designed to have immediate and lasting impact on your bottom line; we will save your time and money, today and in the future.


American Power Supply, LLC helps companies reduce their utility expenses. We have helped save our clients up to 35% off their existing Natural Gas, and Electric Supply Costs!

American Power Supply, LLC provides adjustable & fixed rate options for your Gas and Electric supply needs, to allow companies to lock in their rates, savings and energy expenses for the coming year(s), or select an
adjustable tied to the utility companies index.

American Power Supply, LLC
 will analyze your existing supply costs and usage, then perform a Bidding process with the Energy Suppliers. This process ensures the lowest possible costs for the client due to the competition among the ESCO’s-Energy Supply Companies and deliveries a turnkey solution to the client.

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